Dried Foods, Cereals & Grains

Products that are typically inspected in dried foods, cereals & grains include: coffee, tea, nuts, dried beans, dried fruits, herbs, cereals, wheat, rice, flour, sugar, barley, quinoa and many more. This product is usually inspected in bulk or free-flowing form, either on a horizontal conveyor or a free fall gravity-fed detector, or could be inspected end of line when packaged. Physical contaminants can range from stones and bones to metal fragments, machine components, glass and plastic.

Challenges in this Sector

Some challenges for inspection of dried foods, cereals and grains include:

  • Increasing use of metalized film and foil in packaging of many products for freshness and quality, making conventional metal detection difficult to use
  • Frequent stone contamination from the product itself (i.e. fruit stones) or resulting from the harvest of crops
  • Seal integrity at end of line if loose product gets stuck in product seals
  • Creation of combustible environments with powder-like products such as flour
  • Increase in private label manufacture, requiring food manufacturers to be serving multiple retailers with multiple products

Why Use Loma?

Loma has a well-developed experience of working with many food manufacturers around the world to deliver convenience food to the consumer.

  • We deliver solutions for metal detection, dynamic in-line Checkweighing and x-ray inspection, including combination systems for combined Check and Detect
  • With our Designed to Survive® philosophy, Loma equipment is designed to withstand dusty environments found within many factories
  • Gravity fed inspection systems such as Vertical Falls for dried snacks and the compact Waferthin for installation above bagging machines