Meat, Poultry & Fish

The Meat, Poultry and Fish sector covers a wide variety of different animal based protein products, which starts with raw, primary-processed meat (i.e. beef, pork, lamb), poultry (chicken or turkey), fish and seafood. It extends to secondary processing and beyond, which includes marinated, fermented or cooked meats, bacon, sausages and hot dogs, speciality meats, meat puddings, pâté and terrines, and includes ready to cook raw meat and fish products, whether they are fresh or frozen.

Understanding the Industry

Why Loma is the right choice

Over the last 50 years, Loma has developed a significant experience in the inspection of meat, fish and poultry products and understand the challenges that apply to check and detect equipment.

Understanding how to make inspection equipment endure your production, your cleaning regime and your operators is critical to what Loma does. With the RUN-WET® specification you can ensure easy and close-up water jet cleaning, with no risk of water ingress or potential corrosion, delivering reliable metal detector inspection within high-care environments at all times and maximizing up-time, plus keeping bacteria free.

Loma focuses on developing the right inspection technologies to provide best in class detection and weighing performance, combined with systems that are easy to learn and easy to use.

Loma provide a range of inspection solutions that cover in-line processing as well as end-of-line packaged product applications.