Convenience Food | Food-to-Go

The Convenience Food / Food-to-Go sector covers a variety of highly processed and prepared foods, whether they are frozen, chilled, baked or unbaked. This includes products such as ready meals or ready-to-eat meals, soups, wraps, pizzas, burritos, pies, salads, sushi, sandwiches and sauces.

Challenges in this Sector

Some challenges found within this sector include:

  • Large amount of processing and production of the food product, which increase the chance of stainless steel contamination caused by processing and packaging machine failure
  • Use of metallized film or aluminium foil to pack products for freshness and quality
  • Multiple elements or ingredients packaged in different compartments in ready meals, which include additional items like cutlery or sauces, which can have high salt content
  • Increase in private label manufacture, requiring food manufacturers to be serving multiple retailers with multiple products
  • Smaller portion sizes, leading to lightweight and difficult to handle packaging

Why Use Loma?

Loma has a well-developed experience of working with many food manufacturers around the world to deliver convenience food to the consumer.

  • We deliver solutions for metal detection, dynamic in-line Checkweighing and x-ray inspection, including combination systems
  • Newly developed X5C Compact X-ray system designed to cope with the challenges of the Convenience Food / Food-to-Go sector, which include metal detection and looking at product integrity
  • Simple Product Learn algorithms in detection equipment that make light work of set-up for different products