Why a Performance Validation System (PVS) is critical in verifying inspection machinery is continuously detecting at the required levels.

Installing a metal detector or X-ray system as a critical control point on your production line is a great step to ensure safe product free from physical contaminants. However, your actions do no stop once the inspection system is installed. Ongoing verification and regular monitoring of this critical control point is also necessary to make certain that contaminants are continually being detected by the machine at the required levels.

The new IQ4 metal detector and X5C X-ray series from Loma feature a Performance Validation System (PVS) that allows customers to confirm that the desired level of inspection is being achieved. On regular intervals, the system prompts the operator to perform detection tests using test pieces. It measures the performance against the desired detection targets set for each product which results in either a pass or a fail. If the performance validation test is failed, all product that ran through the metal detector or X-ray since the last test will need to be retested or recalled for possible contaminants. If the test is passed, the line will continue to operate as normal until the next test is requested.

Once a performance validation test has been requested, the operator has 30 minutes to complete the test otherwise the system will stop the line. This enforces that safe food is a number one priority on the line, benefitting the business by protecting it from potential recalls and safety nonconformances, as well as the consumers from receiving contaminated product.

The PVS not only ensures the metal detector or X-ray is properly detecting metal contaminants, but also captures evidence that the machine is working properly for food safety audits. Once a test is completed, the results are logged and reports can be pulled. With regulations becoming more and more strict, and documentation being an essential part of compliance, it is extremely important to record how your critical control points are being continually tested and validated.

Watch the video to learn more about how the LOMA Performance Validation System works on a metal detector.


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