X-ray detection is a fast growing inspection method used within food production factories and provides improved safety and brand protection. Operating under LOMA’s core “Designed to Survive“ philosophy, our engineering teams provide solutions built around the following key values for X-ray inspection systems in the food industry.

SAFE – Delivers product safety to the end consumer as well as operational safety during use
 – Tough, robust and reliable systems designed specifically for any food production environment
 – Capable for a variety of inspection needs with multiple inspection algorithms as well as unique Adaptive Array Technology (AAT)
 – Easy operation, factory and environmentally friendly, helps deliver low cost of ownership

In addition to inspecting for metal contaminants, X-ray systems provide detection of bone, glass, stone and dense plastics within food products, as well as having the ability to detect metal contaminants within foil trays or metallized packaging.

For nearly 20 years, LOMA SYSTEMS® has been developing X-ray technologies for food inspection. With a wealth of experience gained from many installations around the world with producers, both large and small, LOMA have introduced the fifth generation of X-ray Systems, the X5 Series.

The X5 range come complete with full color touchscreen, multilevel password access storing data logged events for traceability, image optimization, AAT technology and much more.

Why use X-Ray Inspection technology?

X-ray Inspection is fast becoming the preferred route for contaminant detection for factories who operate to strict retailer codes of practice and for those wishing to provide the ultimate protection for their brand.

X-Ray Inspection systems offer a great range of benefits including:

Detect a much wider range of contaminants

  • Great detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants
  • Reliable detection of glass, bone, ceramic/stone, dense plastics & product clumps, and other foreign bodies depending on relative densities of the contaminants

Can reliably inspect products in aluminium trays or metallized foil packaging

  • Can detect stainless steel and non-ferrous in food packed in metal foil or in aluminium trays without any interference from the packaging

Check the integrity of products being scanned

  • X-Ray systems can simultaneously inspect for the integrity of the product, which includes missing items, excess products (by volume count), and x-weighing.

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