Other / General Industries

Other foods and industries covers a wide range of applications including dry and wet pet food, automotive, chemical, tobacco etc.

Challenges in this Sector

There are several significant challenges within these sectors including:

  • Significant increase in the processing of the product with cutters, slicers, mincers, formers, etc. that increase the chance of stainless steel contamination caused by processing and packaging machine failure i.e. broken cutting blades.
  • Checking for the presence of erroneous bone or bone fragments in finished product
  • Cold, wet and harsh high-care environments, where hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation are of prime importance

Why Use Loma?

Loma has a significant experience, developed with nearly 50 years of continuous experience.

  • With our Designed to Survive® philosophy, Loma equipment is designed to withstand the harsh environments found within many processing facilities
  • Equipment solutions that can cover end of line packaged products, bulk/loose unpackaged
  • X-ray Systems can detect all metals, as well as bone, even within metallized or foil packaging commonly found in pet food