Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts

Products that are typically inspected in the fruit, vegetable & nut segments include; Semi-processed or prepared fruits & vegetables, salads, coleslaw, herbs and many more. These products are inspected to eliminate any contaminants that may be present so that they do not make it to the consumer.

The typical contaminants inspected in the fruit & Vegetable industries are; all metals (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous & Stainless steel), stone, ceramic & dense plastics. Food production can be tough and stressful environment but by understanding the challenges faced by each sector and application LOMA are able to design machinery to help ease any potential issues and help to contribute to maintain maximum uptime.

Challenges in this Sector

Some of the challenges faced by the fruit & vegetable segments include;

  • Significant increase in non metallic contaminants such as stone in earth vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots etc)
  • Multiple product times varying in shape, weight and size.
  • Introduction of stone, ceramic and dense plastic contaminants

Why Use LOMA?

  • Designed to Survive®’ machines suitable for the harshest of environments minimalizing common issues such as water ingress.
  • Applications for increasing product quality i.e. misshaped & damaged.
  • Machines for a wide range of applications including loose & packaged products.
  • Easy to use machines designed for varying product effects
  • Good detection levels on both Metal Detection and X-Ray Inspection with the added capability of dealing well with product size variants.
  • Prompt, Efficient & Reliable support.